Friday, July 22, 2011


Meeting held at Lefty's Lounge on Cass Avenue.

In attendance: Tim Moran (President), Beth Fowler (VP Education), David Hopkins (VP Social), Elizabeth Ryan (Mentoring Liaison), Maria Wendeln (Treasurer), and Justin Wargo (Secretary)

Report of the President:

- New graduate student orientation on August 29, 2011, addendum attached to meeting outline. Begins at 8:30 AM with coffee, juice, and bagels, concludes with office visits with prospective faculty advisors. Tentatively scheduled is a HGSA gathering with new students at Circa starting around 4:00.

- After a review of HGSA bylaws it was noted by President Tim Moran that one change is necessary. Currently no one can serve as an officer unless they have completed one full year in the graduate program, Tim proposed that this should be changed to one term. Motion approved.

Report of the Secretary:

- Minutes approved from May meeting. Topics of note included the announcement of officers for 2011-12, HGSA's donation of five trees planted near parking structure #2, the success of the HGSA bake sale from Winter 2011 term ($155), and current HGSA funds (nearly $300).

Report of the Co-VPs of Education:

- Beth Fowler discussed an idea suggested by Maria Wendeln concerning a faculty/GTA/HGSA brown bag regarding how to deal with student issues. The week after the HGSA Fall 2011 bake sale was suggested as a possible date for the brown bag, perhaps Wednesday, September 21st.

Report of the VP of Administration:

- Not in attendance, but the following was discussed by attendees. Blog is still going, new items will be added after the start of the Fall semester.

Report of the VP of Social Affairs:

- David Hopkins will host a BBQ on August 20th at 3:00 PM, BYOB and a side. David also agreed to make a flyer announcing HGSA's meeting at Circa following the graduate student orientation on August 29th, and stated he would contact Circa to notify them of HGSA's intentions to meet there.

Report of the Chancellor of the Exchequer/Treasurer:

- Tentative dates for Fall 2011 HGSA bake sale are September 14th & 15th. HGSA will need flyers, which Beth agreed to create, as well as notification on pipeline, which Elizabeth agreed to do. It was also suggested to ask about a OneCard reader for the bake sale. Volunteers will also be needed to work the table.

Report of the VP of Peer Mentoring:

- Elizabeth recommended that what is needed is a list of new students from Gayle. Also, mentors who did not have their mentee show up last year will be assigned new mentees. The first peer mentoring pizza party is scheduled for September 27th at 1 PM in 3339 FAB.

Old Business:

- In preparation for new faculty arrival on campus, a brunch at Good Girls Go To Paris on August 22nd or 23rd was suggested.

- Fund raising for Fall term was brought up once more, of which the bake sale had already been discussed.

- Previously proposed HGSA group outings to the Octagon House or Miliken Park never materialized.

New Business:

- Consider possible October activities, proposed was Telegraph Path by Eastern Market. Also suggested was a speech regarding the history of female DJ's.

Next Meeting: Bonner Room – Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 3:00 PM